Use Bluetooth with EdgeTX

The support for Bluetooth in EdgeTX is limited to:

  • Bluetooth Trainer Mode

  • Bluetooth Telemetry Streaming

The following Bluetooth options are not supported.

  • Bluetooth Audio

  • Wireless file access and transfers

  • Bluetooth joystick


To use Bluetooth, you will need a custom compiled version of EdgeTX that needs to be built with the BLUETOOTH=YES CMake flag. You can create customized versions of EdgeTX using the CloudBuild tab on the EdgeTX Buddy website.

Once the correct version of EdgeTX firmware is installed in your radio, the Bluetooth configuration options will be available on the Hardware page of Radio Settings.


The only off-the-shelf bluetooth modules supported by EdgeTX are:

FrSky Bluetooth Module

FrSky ACCESS PARA Wireless Module

You can also create your own Bluetooth module by purchasing an ESP32 development kit and flashing it with the firmware from following project:

Telemetry Applications

The INAV Telemetry Viewer app can be used on your Android smartphone to view your telemetry data over bluetooth.

Other Important Notes:

  • Bluetooth is only supported on radios that have at least one AUX serial port.

  • The compile time option Bluetooth will reserve one AUX port (on radios with 2 AUX ports, AUX2 is reserved for Bluetooth) and it will NOT be available in the normal user interface for other purposes.

  • EdgeTX Bluetooth trainer or telemetry has nothing to do with internal or external RF module Bluetooth functionality.

  • EdgeTX Bluetooth can NOT be used for Bluetooth joystick functionality at the moment.

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