EdgeTX User Manual v2.10

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The purpose of this user manual is to consolidate information from the community about the setup, configuration, and use of EdgeTX. The goal is to be your "one-stop shop" for information about anything related to EdgeTX. It is broken down into the following areas:

EdgeTX User Manual

The user guide explains all the configuration options available in EdgeTX as well as some high-level theoretical information about EdgeTX usage and model controls. It is broken into sections - one section covering the interface for Color Screen Radios and one section covering the interface for Monochrome Screen radios.

EdgeTX How-to

The How-to section will provide detailed instructions about how to configure model or user-specific use cases in EdgeTX. It will cover common use cases as well as rare and specific use cases. This section of the manual will steadily grow as new How-to articles are submitted by contributors.

Additional EdgeTX Resources

This section of the knowledge base will contain links to additional resources that EdgeTX users may find useful. The external pages that are linked here are not maintained by EdgeTX. However, they are listed as they may be useful sources of additional information relating to EdgeTX.

Special thanks to those that contributed to this knowledge base either directly or indirectly.

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