Radio Setup

The Radio Setup screen is where you configure basic settings for your radio. It contains the following options:

Date - The current date. This date is used for the SD card log files.

Time - The current time. This time is used for the SD card log files.

Pwr Off delay - The delay between when the power button is pushed and when the radio shuts off. The options are: 0s, 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s. It is recommended to set at least a 1s delay in order to prevent the radio from being shut off in the case of an accidental button press.

Owner ID - Custom registration ID used only for users with ISRM modules.

Country code - Used by some RF modules to ensure adherence to local regulatory RF requirements. Options are America, Japan, Europe.

Voice language - Language for the voice pack. This setting and the voice pack folder on the SD card must match for the sounds to be played.

Units - Units of measure. Options are metric or imperial.

Play delay (sw. mid pos) - The minimum time in milliseconds a switch must be in the middle position before a special function will get activated. This is used to prevent the middle position from being activated on a three-position switch when switching from low position to high position.

USB Mode - Sets the default action when a USB cable is plugged into the USB data port and the radio is powered on. Options are: Ask, Joystick, Storage, and Serial.

Rotary Encoder Mode - Set to Normal by default. The Inverted option reverses the direction of the roller.

Default Channel Order - The default channel order for new models and the trainer screen. The letters stand for: A = Aileron, E = Elevator, T = Throttle, R = Rudder. Changing this setting does not affect existing models.

Mode - The stick mode that will be used for the transmitter. Defined by what actions the left stick takes. The options are:

  • 1: Left = yaw+pit (pitch)

  • 2: Left = yaw+thr (throttle)

  • 3: Left = rol (roll)+pit (pitch)

  • 4: Left = rol (roll)+thr (throttle)

Model quick select - Affects model selection screen. Both options require you first to mark the desired model using the scroll wheel or short tap.

  • When OFF: short/long tap (short/long ENTER) on the marked model will show the menu, where you can "Select model";

  • When ON: short tap (short ENTER) on the marked model will select it immediately. To activate the menu, make a long tap or long ENTER.

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