Trims are used adjust the center position of a given stick axis. EdgeTX has the following time configuration options:

Reset - This resets all trim values to zero.

Trim Step: Defines the amount of increase/decrease in trim when the trim switch is pressed.

  • Course = 1.6%

  • Medium = 0.8%

  • Fine = 0.4%

  • Extra Fine = 0.2%

  • Exponential = 0.2% near the center and the step value increases exponentially as the distance from the center increases.

Extended Trims: Increases the maximum trim adjustment value from ±25% to ±100%.

When switching from extended trims to normal trims, the extended trim value will remain until the trim is adjusted, then it will jump to the max/min normal trim value.

Display trims: When set to ON, it will display the numerical trim value on the trim bar. When set to CHANGE, it will display the numerical value once the trim is no longer at zero.

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