Model Setup

General model settings

The model setup page is the default page for model settings and is where you start to configure your model. It contains the following settings:

Model name

Enter the desired name for the model. The maximum number of characters is 15.


Here you may assign a label from your defined label list. By default, the model label will be Unlabeled. More information on creating labels can be found on the Select Model page.

Model image

When the folder icon is selected, a window will pop up allowing you to select an image file from the images folder on your SD Card.

To avoid performance issues, the model image size should not exceed 192 x 114 pixels. has a large repository of free image files that can be used with EdgeTX.

Use global functions

When enabled, global functions programmed in the radio settings will apply to this model. When disabled, global functions will not apply to this model.

Global functions are special functions that are applied across all models. Refer to Special Functions for information on configurable settings.

ADC Filter

Enables/disables the ADC filter for this model. The global option will take the value designated in the radio settings, which is on by default.

The ADC filter is a filter for the proportional channels (sticks, pots, sliders), smoothing out smaller fast movements that occur due to noise in the system electronics. Normally, this filter should be disabled for models with flight controllers.

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